Year: 2013



As a brand, this holiday home project in picturesque Karjat near Mumbai lacked both: the articulation of a clear, unique benefit and an identity that reflected this benefit.


Key research analysis and insight

The key expectation prospective home-buyers expressed in the context of a holiday home was a set of facilities and activities that delivered “non-stop excitement”.


Communication solutions

A new ideantity™: The visual of a maple leaf with dancing figures in the negative space, symbolizing the spirit of fun, along with the brand line ‘Uninterrupted Fun Supply’

New communication: Brochures, emailers, and a website that captured a sense of uninterrupted fun.


other projects


Creating an international coffee shop experience for Visa applicants waiting at centres run by VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and governments.

The Baya Company

Creating a differentiated brand for a realty developer primarily engaged in redevelopment of Mumbai’s slums.
In redevelopment projects, precision is crucial. Precision that delivers long-term value and prevents a significant increase in homeowners’ living costs.