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Year: 1999 to 2007



With investment banking and management consulting becoming new buzz words amongst management students in Indian business schools, the FMCG sector was losing its lure. Hindustan Lever needed to differentiate itself against these ‘sexier’ sectors as well as against FMCG giants like P&G.

Research insights

chlorophyll tracked student attitudes every year between 1999 and 2007: there was clearly a student segment that enjoyed the muscular nature of marketing warfare rather than theoretical consulting.

Communication solutions

Besides an ideantity™ and brand line ‘Real Business is pure adrenalin’, chlorophyll created every piece of communication for the next eight years: direct mailers, intranet, posters on campuses.

Behavioural solutions

Every year, chlorophyll crafted the actual experience of the candidate within Hindustan Lever: events, training, after-hours, competitions, quizzes.