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Year: 2008



Bharat Hotels is the largest independent group of hotels in India; they operated The Grand Group of Hotels; some with the global chain Intercontinental and some independent of the chain. Bharat Hotels needed to decide what they stood for and whether the global chain was needed.

Key insight

The Grand Group had actually been courageous enough to further the cause of Indian tourism through creative decisions; and therefore, it would be best if they stood for Indian creativity rather than be a me-too to an international chain.

Communication solutions

A brand name that stemmed from the promoter’s name and an ideantity™ that reflected the Indian God of Creativity! The brand name of the Grand Group was also changed to The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group.

Behavioural solutions

chlorophyll conducted a behavioural touch-point audit in three hotels: Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. And shared the dashboard comparing the unevenness of service for correction by the Group.