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Year: 2012



Creating a differentiated brand for a realty developer primarily engaged in redevelopment of Mumbai’s slums.

Research analysis and insight

In redevelopment projects, precision is crucial. Precision that delivers long-term value and prevents a significant increase in homeowners’ living costs.

Communication solutions

The name: Inspired by the Baya, a weaverbird that builds weather-proof, predator-proof nests with great precision and meticulousness.

The ideantity™: Two criss-crossing, meticulously crafted leaves become a bird when a small beak is added. The brand line sums up The Baya Company’s attention to detail.

Behavioural solutions

The focus of chlorophyll’s behaviour solutions, created in collaboration with the brand owners, was on ‘product features’. Like an emphasis on cross ventilation to reduce air conditioning costs. Long-lasting fittings and paint that would wash itself clean every monsoon. One switch near the main entrance of the house for all electric points except the refrigerator to ensure electricity bill savings. No swimming pools or health clubs to ensure low maintenance costs for every homeowner.