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A management buyout led to the establishment of Dun & Bradstreet’s licensee in India who wanted to create a differentiated research and advisory business.


Research analysis and insight

The competition offered cookie-cutter solutions. Prospects believed that a research and advisory service must “experiment and provide bespoke solutions”


Communication solutions

A new name: Tangram. A Chinese puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven geometric pieces which can be arranged to constantly make different shapes. A metaphor for limitless experimentation.
A new ideantity™: Letters of the brand name jumbled in various ways finally leading to the brand name. The brand line borrows the math term QED, a formal way of ending a mathematical proof.


Behavioural solutions

chlorophyll collaborated with Tangram to create behaviour and decor guidelines that included a bespoke process for each client, a new policy for hiring employees from diverse backgrounds instead of only sector experts, puzzles and games as key themes of the office decor. At an overall level, this meant the creation of an experimentation culture in the organization.