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Year: 2007



Simultaneously inventing a category and creating India’s first radio cab brand in 2007.

Research analysis and insight

“If the services I use, like airlines and mobiles, offer a reliable world-class experience, why can’t my cab service?”

Communication solutions

Name: Inspired by Meru, an unshakeable mountain at the centre of the earth in Indian mythology, that captured the brand’s solidity and reliability.

ideantity™: A graphic mountain with a path and the brand line ‘Rely on us’.

Launch communication

Customers enjoying a range of world-class business and travel services, juxtaposed with the outline of a cab, to suggest that Meru is comparable with the best.

Follow-up communication

About ‘occasions where you can’t do without a Meru’.

Behavioural solutions

chlorophyll co-designed the entire brand experience: right from choosing a distinctive colour for the cabs, to driver uniforms!