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Year: 2013


One of India’s most popular holiday destinations, Goa’s primary association was beaches, and more beaches; partying and even more partying. 

It was necessary to clearly define and differentiate Goa.  

Research analysis and insight

Hours of research led to this differentiated definition of the brand:

The only place in the world where contrasts co-exist within minutes; the contrasts outside you and inside you!


Communication solutions

A new ideantity™: An ambigram that reflects a sense of contrasts. A symbol whose elements retain meaning when viewed from a different direction. The world’s first and only tourism brand to have one!

New communication: Visuals that bring out Goa’s contrasts along with a unique verbal property: the Konkani word Kenna that means sometimes. In Goa, you can sometimes be a relaxed birdwatcher, sometimes a screaming-with-adrenaline white water rafter on the Mhadei river!