What we do

We focus exclusively on one thing - innovation.

Our definition of innovation is pretty simple: the ability to make cross-connections to create revolutionary solutions.

To make these cross connections, one needs a diverse set of ideas, talents, technologies and an ability to cross-pollinate these.

That is why we have set up India's first dedicated innovation collective.

An ecosystem of 800+ global innovators that form fluid cross-functional teams to deliver moonshots for brands and businesses.

The ecosystem includes technologists from MIT Media Lab, Artists from JJ School of Arts, deep Learning focussed start-ups, virtual reality film-makers, neuroscience-based researchers and more!

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What makes us different?

1. Custom-built thinking

No cookie-cutter solutions. A five-member team assembled afresh for every problem statement.

2. Collaboration at the core

No agency-client separation. Every solution is co-developed with the client and ensures execution viability right from the start.

3. Turnkey solutions

We live by the ‘an idea is only as good as its execution’ principle. So, we take on end-to-end responsibility of bringing alive every idea proposed.

4. Unique revenue model

We put our money where our mouth is. We have flexible revenue models based on performance, revenue sharing or equity ownership.

our work

brand innovation

The Inspiration Medal:

A 'world first' in sports history.

Rewarded both, the marathoners and their inspirations.

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experience design innovation


Brought alive the ‘School of the future’ in Singapore using a mix of cutting-edge technology, storytelling and experiential learning

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business innovation

Indigo Paints:

Helped India’s fastest growing paint company increase tinting machine sales by over 300%!

product innovation

Bajaj Electricals:

Helped create India’s most advanced water heater!

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social innovation

The Mumbai Portal:

Connected people from Mumbai with those in 21 countries via India's first immersive, live full body conversational experience.

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open innovation platform


A unique open-innovation platform that solves real-world challenges while rewarding innovators with royalty deals.

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our IP


The world's first smart and emotive Mix-O-Bot!

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The Plated Project:

A simple idea with a very big goal: end hunger.

A platform that lets artists and social causes collaborate to create limited edition art plates that help put food on people’s plate.

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The Letters Project:

Bringing alive an analog idea in a digital world.

our offerings

1. Integrated brand engagement innovation

We create: engaging integrated initiatives that merge the real world with the digital world.

You get: exponential earned media that generates headlines, captures the imagination and inspires people to action.

2. IP development

We develop: ‘moonshot’ ideas to solve difficult business or brand problems that agencies or consultants can’t solve for you.

You get: new or improved products, services, online or offline customer experiences, proprietary technology.

3. Business design or transformation

We create: blueprints to create new business solutions or radically transform existing businesses

You get: increased market share, GTM strategies, UI/UX solutions, new business offerings, new revenue streams, improved business efficiencies

4. Start-up culture within companies

We develop: an integrated culture transformation program focussed on creating a ‘innovation first’ mindset within companies

You get: idea incubation systems, open innovation platforms, employee engagement and campus connect programs

5. Innovation dashTM

We conduct: a proprietary two-day problem-solving dash to solve any clearly defined business problem

You get: guaranteed executable solutions co-developed by external and internal innovators along with the client’s team

6. Idea incubation

We help:  incubate, fund and launch innovative solutions and ideas by students, independent innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers via a unique innovation residency program

You get:  a platform to turn your ideas, prototypes or passion projects into viable solutions that create revenue and impact

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Discover new revenue streams, new opportunities and new ideas.

Start-ups, brands and businesses:

If you are looking at bringing alive your brand in an innovative manner or have a difficult business problem, then reach out to us!

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