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chlorophyll after-hours shares the creative output of chlorophyll employees
beyond their brand work.

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anand halve

one of the finest research & planning brains in India, has an equally strong
right-brain bias:-) Brought up in Hyderabad, he quickly adopted the beauty and
depth of the Urdu language. He has been writing poetry in Urdu since 1995
and has written over a hundred poems.

Here is a translation of the poem he created specially for chlorophyll’s 15th

"So many days, and months, and years have passed by
So many milestones along this journey have gone by

We set along without any paths to follow
But fellow-seekers joined us, as we went by

There were times when the glass of wine overflowed
And times when on empty glasses we got high!

The moments of joy, the moments of pain
Have all become part of what we will be known by

Opportunities, chances, coincidences came our way
All became Destiny as the days went by"

nalesh patil

is, in a word, prolific: whether with words or images. He is an award winning art
director, and several of his ideantities™ for chlorophyll are now part of public
consciousness. But he is also the best known nature poet in Maharashtra.
He has written over 600 poems and sung them in over 150 performances in
Maharashtra and out of it.

Here is a translation of the poem he wrote for chlorophyll’s 15th anniversary.

The poem uses the analogy of a rainbow to explain the teamwork at chlorophyll

“From the many
emerged the one

The one that blossomed
in togetherness

And when it bowed
in humility

into a rainbow

Emerging from
the mists.”