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Yashesh Shethia

Co-founder, 1+99 Experience Consulting “Humility. Honesty. Peppered with quirkiness.”

Svati Chakravarty

Co-director and head of field research, Satyamev Jayate “chlorophyll is the kind of workplace where one can discover friendships that last a lifetime. It's a great balance of head and heart.”

Ashoo Advani

Associate Director, Interbrand. “My favourite things about chlorophyll: Rajesh's wide smile, Maria's efficiency, Atul's practical jokes, Sachin's bhojpuri dance, Sunil's systematic backups, Mahesh’s telephonic negotiations, Jineesha's happy doodles, Neena's innocent laughter, Pooja's hysterical laughter, Andy's wise words, Kiran's warm aura, Yashesh's practicality, Rajeev's perfection, Arun Sir's ideas, Nalesh's humility, Vidya's boldness, Diptee's questions, Chitresh’s socks, and Venu's unique take on everything”

Gunjan Arya

Founder, Design Of Information “Working at chlorophyll meant working in a a good way. Whether being protected by parent, or being patiently provoked by a teacher. It gave me a lens to look at the world, that continues to shape my interactions both at a personal and professional level. It's the best finishing school I could attend!”

Reshma Bachwani

Founder, Illume research consulting. ”What I liked most about working at chlorophyll is having Andy 'Anand Halve' as my mentor. He was the only one who could give you something interesting to work on and then literally follow it up with a pat on the back for doing what you can sincerely. No judgements, no expectations. There was never a dull moment with him around."

Tina Mehta

Creative strategist, Venturethree chlorophyll understands the changing Indian consumer better than anybody. They have built a branding model that's culturally sensitive and locally relevant to the Indian context. Made in India, Made for India brand strategy at its best.

Pabitra A. Chatterjee

Doctoral researcher at Grenoble Ecole de Management “Brand ideantity™ represents breakthrough thinking, more so thinking that is not borrowed from the West. I would like to believe it is rooted in a deep interest and understanding of culture that is surprisingly rare in the communication business. As such, chlorophyll has something communication consultancies rarely have: It has a real USP.”

Smriti Modi

Founder, The Itch List. “As a brand consultancy chlorophyll's approach to brand ideantities and communication truly sets it apart. Personally I have learnt a lot about branding and life at chlorophyll - commitment, attention to detail and being true to one's Brand Core. I am not the first one who said that chlorophyll is an institution, but I agree whole-heartedly.”

Subhayu Mishra

Head, Corporate & Business Communications, India & South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank. “A few things that struck me as distinctive: One, the intellectual rigour of the brand discovery process Andy led, ring-fenced by a sensitivity to local context and culture. Two, the fun and energy from the younger folks which, more often than not, brought in new ideas and experiential stuff. And then the communal lunch - a great example of sharing food - where I could dig into the delicious home cooked food from others' lunch boxes!”

Sandesh Parkar

Creative Controller, OgilvyOne Worldwide "chlorophyll helped me develop a more holistic view of branding, where the idea of a brand percolates through to every point and in every instance where its target audience interacts with the brand. Working here showed me that here was a brand consultancy that practiced what it preached. The all lowercase logo type of chlorophyll signifies equality, which was all too evident at the daily lunch, where you would be scooping delicious bhaji out of the dabba of an advertising great without second thought!"

Mahima Kaushiva

"I think the sheer variety of conversations one could have with the people at chlorophyll - over work, during lunch, while traveling - made it much, much more than just a workplace. It felt as comfortable as a second home with the kind of inspiration that egged you on to imbibe, grow and be a much better version of yourself, professionally and otherwise. For me, Monday mornings meant the start of another week at a place that I loved spending time at!”

Aditya Davey

“At chlorophyll, I had the opportunity to bounce ideas off some of the best minds in the industry and the opportunity to not only have an idea but also the freedom and support to execute it."

Neena Gupta

Design Consultant, "chlorophyll has been my soul place. It was a place where I first met myself... It was a place which was my 'home away from home'... It was the place that nurtured my talent and mentored me into being what I am today. Thank you chlorophyll. You are, therefore I am."

Jineesha Gandhi

CEO and Co-Founder, Ideasaur Creative, “chlorophyll is one of the few pure brand consultancies which applies models, insights and processes to arrive at a brand core from which all channels of communication emerge and strongly believes in the power of the idea. Having worked at chlorophyll for almost 5 years, my concepts of branding and communication have become crystal clear and the insights still help me to solve communication problems today. chlorophyll not only does great work, it is a great place to work! Thanks chlorophyll, for the best work experience, education, the fantastic lunch sessions, and the best friends you have given me!”

Diptee Deshmukh

Senior Designer, VSA Partners. “chlorophyll is a place where it's easy to feel comfortable. With an atmosphere that encourages growth and learning, it is continuously adapting to incorporate the best qualities and talents of those that are a part of it. This often brings about interesting results: both in work and play!”

Venu Ravindranath

A designer and brand ideator Venu has been with chlorophyll since 2011 and in the business since 2008. He runs the marathon, loves monsoon treks and is constantly on the lookout for the most interesting music festivals and newest restaurants.

Michelle Lobo

Consultant, Weber Shandwick. "I joined chlorophyll in 2015 right out of college and was a little nervous cause I didn't know what to expect from my first job. But from the day I met the team - Jason, Kiran, Chitresh, I just knew I was in the right place. chlorophyll helped mould me and taught me my fundamentals. The company's culture is so inclusive. The team encourages creative thinking and ideation across levels irrespective of how senior or junior you are."

Jason Monserrate

"The effort and time spent on developing the employees, which to my mind, was far far more than the effort and time spent on developing clients."